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Miller and Wyatt - May 1970                        Dennis Wyatt & Deane Miller - May 1970


Wyatt Auto Parts has always prided themselves in doing business in a simplistic manner which originated from the founders Dennis Wyatt and Dean Miller where hard work and integrity resulted in success and that is very much the way business is still done today. Our many long term employees bring knowledge and dedication to the company making your shopping experience always great.

A brief history of Wyatt Auto Parts:

  • May 5, 1970 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. was started by Dennis Wyatt and Dean Miller in the Kelowna location on Leon Avenue.
  • In 1972 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. opened its second location in Rutland on Asher Road.
  • in 1978 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. built a new store in Rutland on Dougall Road.
  • in 1986 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. opened its third location in Westbank on Main Street.

Wyatt Auto Parts - June 2004

Dennis Wyatt & Deane Miller with longstanding
employee Barry Magee - 2007

  • In 1995 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. became a member of Uni-Select and carried the banner "Auto Parts-Plus".
  • In 1998 Dean Miller sold his interest in Miller & Wyatt Ltd. to the Wyatt Family.
  • In 2003 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. built a 15,000 sq ft building on Baron Road in Kelowna and relocated both the Leon Avenue store and the Dougall Road store into the new location.
  • In 2003 Miller & Wyatt Ltd. also decided it was time to identify themselves as an Auto Parts distributor and renamed themselves "Wyatt Auto Parts


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